Leftover Party Supplies?

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Why PartyResale?
Because It Makes Perfect Sense!

All the hard work that has gone into make the perfect little "70's Party" or "Superhero Party" will go on at another party. Of course, there may be items that are soiled, destroyed, missing, or broken, but the remainder of the themed items will be 1. placed in a box, 2. easily entered on PartyResale, 3. become a great start to the next party. Sometimes a tiny party will only need a few items and the leftovers of a large one could complete the dream party...with only a few clicks on this free and easy site!
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About PartyResale

PartyResale is a joint effort of Nevada Sky Innovations in Reno, NV and Primary Key Technologies in Portland, OR.

It all started with a little boy named Timmy at his window in Sheboygan late one night. Timmy's birthday was coming up and his parents threw him the same cartoon mouse themed party every year because they spent so much time and effort putting together the mouse-earred hats, oversized white gloves, and posters with fake castles built in Southern California.

Timmy looked up at a bright star (it's okay that he didn't know it was actually Venus), and he wished upon it as a well dressed cricket sang in the background some schmaltzy song about making wishes on stars (it was a planet).

At that moment, an email message was sent from three brightly colored fairies watching over him in Sheboygan by waving their new Apple Pencil over their preview version of the next iPad that traveled all the way across the country past the Black Rock Desert of Nevada (woohoo! Burning Man!), through the Reno Arch, and across the city to Nevada Sky Innovations. Another message traveled along the beautiful Columbia gorge, under the bridges along the Willamette River, and then by weaving between the mighty pines of Portland, Oregon, it reached Primary Key Technologies. Simultaneously, both companies said, "This child needs a party with a different theme" and they went ahead and contacted each other since the fairies didn't know how to use the bcc field with emails.

This is how PartyResale was born and it is entirely the truth.

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